You both are very special to me

Not because of blood relation

Not just for your beautiful while face

It’s just not for all your luxury and fancy gift to me

It’s just not for your beautiful dress

It’s just not because you take me for a world trip

Do you know really?

Have you ever feel or realize

How much you are precious to me

Maybe you never think

Do you know?

I don’t want long life

I want short life with all full positive and inspiring work for all

See now you are shocked

Your sparkling eyes becoming sad 

Now I do feel your angriness

But still, I love you


I always fall in love with your soul

I love to fall in love with your simplicity

I love you as you never leave me to die

I love you as you treat me like a princess

I love you as you being proud of me

I always fall in love with your craziness

Without you 

That day I would die surely

I do believe you at most

Every day I fall in love with you more

Without you, my success and work has no matters

My world lies inside you

So I would love to celebrate our love and friendship forever

Let the world follow our beautiful friendship.......................


Himasri Barman 

District Coordinator – Strengthening of NCD Services. 

Nalbari District  

Piramal Swasthya Management and Research Institute.